SCARLETT PARIS® produces a line of gentle, all-natural marine algae-based cleansers designed to remove makeup, oils, and impurities from the face and body while moisturizing and soothing skin for maximum comfort and softness. :


Eye Makeup Remover

500 ml / 16.9 oz

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Gently removes makeup from around the eyes.

  • Product Info

    This eye makeup remover has been specially formulated to be gentle on the fragile, sensitive areas around the eyes. The active marine algae moisturizing ingredient is extracted from Laminaria digitata, a type of brown seaweed, which helps maintain moisture levels in the skin, thanks to a concentrated osmolyte that helps prevent dehydration. Seawater provides rich minerals and trace elements for the skin. All of the natural marine and botanical ingredients have been carefully selected to protect the areas around the eyes. Makeup is gently removed from the eyelids and lashes in a single step.

  • Instructions For Use

    Use a small knob on a cotton pad to remove makeup around the eyes.

  • key ingredients

    Marine moisturizing active ingredient, Seawater, Botanical moisturizing agent, gentle makeup removing agent

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