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SCARLETT PARIS® also features a variety of other professional skin care products that perform a range of functions, from facilitating makeup removal to gentle exfoliation, moisturization, cleansing, toning, slimming, soothing, and beyond. To order any of these special order products, please contact Specialty Brands International. :


Hydrationing Body and Breast Cream

300 ml / 10.14 fl oz


Toning, energizing, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin while strengthening its structures.

  • Product Info

    A concentrated cocktail of wheat germ oil, Vitamin F, and Spirulina seaweed proteins act in synergy to retexturize the skin and restore its resistance and tonicity. A tensor agent, extracted from wheat proteins, helps lift the skin and improves its radiance. As an essential element to skin structure, the silicon contained in the extracts of horsetail, Laminaria digitata seaweed, and the silicon derivative helps strengthen the skin while also improving elasticity and tonicity. This product’s moisturizing and nourishing action is provided by the combination of wheat germ oil, moisturizing agents, emollient agents, and vitamins E and F. Trace minerals in the Laminaria digitata seaweed extract (potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, etc.) help to reenergize the skin.

  • Instructions For Use

    Apply all over the body to skin that has been dried thoroughly.

    Use daily after bathing or showering.

  • key ingredients

    Spirulina seaweed extract, Laminaria digitata seaweed extract, Tensor agent from wheat proteins, Silicon derivative, Horsetail extract, Wheat germ oil, Moisturizing and emollient agents, Vitamin F, Vitamin E, Ginkgo biloba extract

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