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Peels and scrubs from SCARLETT PARIS® include a full line of exfoliating products formulated with marine algae ingredients to remove dead cells and impurities while revitalizing even the most sensitive skin gently and effectively. :


Iridescent Fresh Exfoliating Gel

100 ml / 3.38 fl oz

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Effectively exfoliates face with a dual exfoliation action to restore a radiant appearance and great softness.

  • Product Info

    This iridescent gel owes its originality to a dual exfoliation action:

    • Mechanical: Pumice stone and Tahitian volcanic sand particles, which results from the erosion of black basalt, effectively removes dead surface skin cells and other impurities that prevent the skin from “breathing.”
    • Chemical: Phytomarine AHAs completes the exfoliation while smoothing the skin’s texture.

    Extract of Mastocarpus red seaweed finishes this treatment by revitalizing the skin so it feels infinitely soft and radiant.

  • Instructions For Use

    Apply to dry or damp skin (for the most sensitive skin), avoiding the areas around the eyes, and rinse.

  • key ingredients

    Phytomarine AHAs, Mastocarpus extract, Volcanic sand, Pumice stone, Pearl extract

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