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SCARLETT PARIS® also features a variety of other professional skin care products that perform a range of functions, from facilitating makeup removal to gentle exfoliation, moisturization, cleansing, toning, slimming, soothing, and beyond. To order any of these special order products, please contact Specialty Brands International. :


Body Contouring Cream

300 ml / 10.14 fl oz


Slimming and redefining the look of the figure while toning and diminishing the appearance of orange peel skin.

  • Product Info

    This formula is rich in lipolytic active ingredients, including Laminaria digitata and fucus seaweed, a silicon derivative, and guarana (an Amazonian plant rich in caffeine), all of which are known to stimulate the natural process of fat degradation. The silicon derivative also improves skin tonicity. Harpagophytum, centella asiatica, and bisabolol, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, improve the appearance of orange peel skin. After 4 weeks of continuous use, the figure is refined, the appearance of orange peel skin is improved, and the skin texture is smoothed.

  • Instructions For Use

    Massage onto the skin for a few minutes in the areas needing treatment, or apply by light touch and draining massages for a slimming treatment.

    This product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

  • key ingredients

    Laminaria digitata and fucus seaweed extracts, Plant extracts (guarana, centella asiatica, harpagophytum), Bisabolol, Silicon derivative, Moisturizing and emollient agents, Vitamin E

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