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SCARLETT PARIS® is a leading French skin care brand, renowned for producing premium, professional skin care products in France for over 25 years. The many advantages to using Scarlett skin care products are the result of combining only the finest ingredients with the unique marine resources native to the northwest coastal region of France. This marine algae is naturally very rich in minerals and oligo elements, which are essential to the health and function of human cells, especially in the skin. Scarlett’s products are carefully formulated to take full advantage of the powerful skin care benefits inherent to their unique, proprietary marine algae ingredients.

Located for Innovation

Scarlett products are based on organic marine algae that flourishes in an extraordinary coastal habitat located in the Brittany region of Northwest France. Because the area experiences the second-highest tidal fluctuations on Earth, the algae native to this coastline has been forced to adapt to one of the world’s most dynamic coastal environments. This algae is exposed to cold, mineral-rich seawater at high tide and then to UV rays, wind, and airborne pollutants and contaminants during low tide. The result is an organism which is uniquely adapted to maintain moisture levels whether wet or dry, in direct sun or near darkness—much like the conditions experienced by human skin.

Scarlett’s exclusive skin care products are paraben free and take advantage of the minerals and compounds present in the marine algae to deliver unmatched benefits to your skin—smoothing, toning, firming, moisturization, anti-aging, and many others.


Tradition and Science

In an exclusive partnership with the laboratory of the University of Brest, the European center of research on marine algae, Scarlett has developed a full range of professional skin care products. Not only do these skin care products build on the world-renowned French skin care tradition, they also use cutting-edge biotechnology to extract the unique ingredients found only in the algae native to the region. Using proprietary, patented processes, SCARLETT PARIS® produces marine cosmeceuticals which are formulated to maximize the moisturizing effects of Osmocéalgue® and the anti-aging properties of Algue Repair®.

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