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SCARLETT PARIS® also features a variety of other professional skin care products that perform a range of functions, from facilitating makeup removal to gentle exfoliation, moisturization, cleansing, toning, slimming, soothing, and beyond. To order any of these special order products, please contact Specialty Brands International. :


Massage Balm with Essential Oils

500 ml / 16.9 fl oz


Enabling a high-quality massage with the concentrated power of aromatherapy for intense relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.

  • Product Info

    A combination of calming essential oils, moisturizing and filmogen agents, and beeswax enables an effective yet ultra-gentle massage. The essential oils have been selected for the combined action: lavender, rosemary, and marjoram oils relax and soothe while balm oil removes stress. The massage balm is specially formulated to ensure optimum massaging and encourage relaxation.

  • Instructions For Use

    Intended for traditional massaging by a massage specialist. The balm has been developed specially to resist complete absorption in affusion. Use different quantities of product depending on the area to be massaged: from 5 ml for a local massage up to 20 ml for a full-body massage.

    For professional use only.

  • key ingredients

    Natural beeswax, Essential oils (lavender, rosemary, marjoram), Reconstituted essential oil of balm, moisturizing and filmogen agents (oils, paraffin, and waxes)

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