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SCARLETT PARIS® also features a variety of other professional skin care products that perform a range of functions, from facilitating makeup removal to gentle exfoliation, moisturization, cleansing, toning, slimming, soothing, and beyond. To order any of these special order products, please contact Specialty Brands International. :


Thermal Mask with Orange Essential Oil

720 g / 25.4 oz


Controlling the rise in temperature during treatment and optimizing the penetration of the active ingredients.

  • Product Info

    The heat delivered by this mask enhances the penetration of the active ingredients of the face cream beneath the mask. Orange essential oil helps promote relaxation.

  • Instructions For Use

    Apply face cream thickly on face and neck, and then apply a gauze compress to the face and neck. Mix 2 parts of powder (175 to 180 g) with 1 part lukewarm water (90 to 94 ml) in a plastic container. Apply the mask thickly (5 mm) with a spatula, beginning at the neck and and avoiding the areas around the eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes. Remove the gauze and the mask together. The excess may be removed with damp sponges.

    For professional use only.

  • key ingredients

    Sculpting agent, Orange essential oil

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