Specialty Brands International, LLC Completes Trademark Registration for Scarlett Paris

The skin care brand “Scarlett Paris” has received principal trademark registration by the USPTO.

Specialty Brands International (SBI) announces the formal registration of the mark “Scarlett Paris” on the principal register of the US Patent and Trademark Office. Certificate of registration (Reg. No. 5,004,891) was issued on July 19, 2016. Registration of the trademark entitles Specialty Brands to use the “®” symbol next to the mark when used in connection with protected goods marketed and sold under the Scarlett Paris brand (

Scarlett Paris® is a French brand of premium skin care products featuring marine algae ingredients sourced from the coastal region of Brittany, France. When used in a recommended regimen, these advanced skin care products provide significant moisturizing, smoothing, and anti-aging benefits. Scarlett Paris® products are sold to luxury spas and other high-end retailers throughout the United States.

Registration of the trademark permits Specialty Brands to seek legal damages in federal courts in cases of counterfeiting and unauthorized use of the mark. It also enables the US Customs and Border Protection to block imports to the US that infringe on the protected goods.

“The registration of Scarlett Paris® allows Specialty Brands to move forward aggressively with our marketing and distribution strategy for this premium French skin care brand, while providing us with legal protection for the brand in the US and greater valuation for our company,” said Dwon Foye, SBI President and CEO.

About Us:
Specialty Brands International is an international trading company that imports specialty products from Europe and distributes them wholesale to select retailers throughout the United States.

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Specialty Brands International, LLC.
Contact: Dwon D. Foye
Email: dfoye(at)specialtybrandsintl(dot)com

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Proud to Announce the Launch of Our New Website

Speciality Brands International is pleased to launch our new website, developed to provide information about professional skin care products from Scarlett Paris, a leading French skin care brand, now available in the USA for the first time. Our new website was designed and built in collaboration with Textivia, Inc. of Raleigh, NC, our Internet marketing partner.

At Specialty Brands International, we are proud to help bring Scarlett Paris’s amazing marine skin care products to the United States. People here in the U.S. seeking proven, professional skin care products from a world-renowned leader have a great new option in Scarlett Paris. No matter what type of skin you have or what your skin care goals might be, there’s a premium-quality Scarlett Paris skin care product that’s perfect for you.

Headquartered in Paris, the Scarlett Paris brand takes advantage of unique marine algae species native to the coastline of the Brittany region in northwest France. Using minerals and compounds unique to this marine algae, Scarlett Paris produces formulations that have been shown to improve a variety of skin types. Whether it be dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, sensitive skin, or mature skin, there’s a professional skin care product from Scarlett Paris that’s ideal for the improvement of your skin’s health.

We invite you to explore our new site, an outstanding source for information about Scarlett Paris, their marine algae-based skin care products, and our outstanding regimens for improving a variety of skin types. If you would like more information about the availability of Scarlett Paris professional skin care products here in the USA, or if you’d like to become a Scarlett Paris retailer, please don’t hesitate to contact Specialty Brands International today.