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Face and body contouring gels and creams from SCARLETT PARIS® are proven skin care products which are made only from the finest ingredients, including a range of marine algae and other all-natural cosmeceutical substances. :


Cellu-Shaping Gel

300 ml / 10.14 fl oz

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Sculpting the contours of the figure, smoothing and firming the skin, and improving skin elasticity.

  • Product Info

    This fresh cream-gel has targets the waist and hips to help reshape the contours of the figure. The formula’s cocktail of lipolytic active ingredients ensures a visible body-contouring effect:

    • Caffeine is recognized for its action of fat release and elimination
    • Silicon derivatives reinforce the action of caffeine and improve skin tonicity and elasticity.

    The extract of firming seaweed, revitalizing marine minerals, and trace elements complete the action of this skin care treatment. The figure appears refined, and the skin is smoother and firmer for enhanced beauty.

  • Instructions For Use

    Apply in circular massaging motions, working upward from the thighs to the hips. This formula allows you to dress rapidly following use with no stains on clothing.

    This product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

  • key ingredients

    Extract of firming seaweed, Extract of Laminaria digitata seaweed, Lipolytic active ingredients (caffeine and silicon derivatives)

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