SCARLETT PARIS®'s line of advanced mask products combine active ingredients from a range of all-natural sources to deliver moisturization, anti-aging effects, smoothing, soothing, and plumping of skin layers for visibly younger-looking skin. :


Comfort Mask with White Clay

200 ml / 6.76 fl oz

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Restores comfort to the skin by enveloping it in a nourishing cocoon, helping skin feel soft and rested.

  • Product Info

    This mask has an ultra-covering texture that gently envelops the face to provide comfort to even the driest of skin. Extra-gentle white clay was chosen for this product for its excellent covering power and because it is especially suited for even the most sensitive and fragile skin. Wheat germ oil is combined with a plant-based moisturizing agent to help nourish the skin and rebuild its hydrolipidic film. Soothing red algae extract works in synergy with a relaxing plant ingredient to reduce inflammation for optimal skin comfort. Skin is rested, soft, comfortable, nourished, and relaxed.

  • Instructions For Use

    Apply a thick layer to the entire face and neck, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Leave on face for 12 minutes, and wipe away excess with sponges afterward.

    For professional use only.

  • key ingredients

    Mastocarpus stellatus red algae extract, White clay, Wheat germ oil, Plant-based moisturizing agent, Plant-based relaxing active ingredient

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