SCARLETT PARIS® produces a line of gentle, all-natural marine algae-based cleansers designed to remove makeup, oils, and impurities from the face and body while moisturizing and soothing skin for maximum comfort and softness. :


Velvet Cleansing Milk

500 ml / 16.9 oz

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Gently removes makeup from the face and eye area in a single step while restoring comfort to the skin.

  • Product Info

    The milky texture of this fondant emulsion effectively removes makeup from the face and around the eyes while giving the effect of a caressing silk glove. The active moisturizing ingredient, extracted from Laminaria digitata brown seaweed, is a concentrated form of osmolyte naturally produced by this seaweed when it is subjected to various stress factors. This osmolyte can help prevent skin dehydration by retaining water in cells. Cotton extracts ensure even the most delicate skin is soothed, and its emollient and soothing properties cause the skin to feel soft, comfortable, cleansed, and silky.

  • Instructions For Use

    Apply with a soft cotton pad to the face, eyes, and neck in light circular motions.

  • key ingredients

    Laminaria digitata seaweed extract, Cotton extract

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